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Grassroots Kava House Grassroots Kava House Grassroots Kava House – St Pete Catalyst

Like most coffee shops, Grassroots Kava House has had to impose restrictions on customers who can enter the funky, old-school-chic building – there are no table or chairs, and no barstools for sitting, sipping on a kava or a coffee, or clicking away at a laptop. Currently, of course, masks are required.

Yet that doesn’t stop the faithful fans of this cornerstone kava bar, which has been at this Central Avenue location since 2016. They’re here every day to enjoy the 100% all-natural products including house-made kava, locally produced tea, coffee, kratom and pastries. They stand at high-top tables and at an extended laptop-friendly counter overlooking Central Avenue. There’s outdoor seating, too.

The two-story Grassroots building, totaling 2,800 square feet, has been here since 1926. The comfy, speakeasy-like upstairs is closed during these times of pandemic, but like the main room, it’s designed for online activity, with electric outlets and USB ports strategically located, and a super-fast WiFi signal.

Kava is a non-alcoholic, psychoactive beverage made from the root of a pepper plant indigenous to the Western Pacific.