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Layer Design Keia Microdose Psychedelic Edibles –

Research is showing that dosing small amounts of psychedelic substances like Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and LSD, can help improve mental health, and overall wellbeing. Layer Design is exploring a concept for Keia, a line of “unexpected” edibles collection to which patients could subscribe to, and get relief through sweets, or teas, infused with the hallucinogenic drugs.

Of course, this is an exercise for use in a future where psychedelic substances are legal, and regulated. For this, Layer Design has imagined lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) delivered via rice wafer. For the delivery of psilocybin, the active element in hallucinogenic mushrooms, a loose-leaf ayahuasca tea, and a pastille are shown to be solutions.

Layer Design wishes to remove the stigma behind these hallucinogens, and frame them in a way that is embraced as medical therapy with the unifying ayahuasca as a beautifully pressed tea cake, the calming psilocybin pastilles as translucent marbled gummies, and the focusing LSD rice paper wafer as geometric squares resembling origami.

The idea for Keia is to send each patient a month’s supply of 8-10 pieces in containers that echo what is inside. For instance, the ayahuasca tea would be made from pressed tea stems, the pastilles container from hemp & mushroom roots (mycelium), and wheat farming waste for the LSD packaging, being that LSD was discovered from grain fungus.

Though these deliveries are currently illegal, when legalized, the psychedelic drugs market is expected to double and reach $10.75 billion by 2027. Having a solution like this, puts Keia by Layer design in a good position to be a trailblazer in the psychedelics industry. Learn more about the brand at Layer Design.

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