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Questions surround legality of new Columbia store offering CBD pain relief –

Store managers in Columbia and across the state are selling CBD products made from cannabis plants for pain relief. (Mark Slavit/KRCG 13)

Some people called it the new wonder drug that guaranteed to take away all your pain.

Columbia had a new store Monday selling CBD cannabis products.

Marijuana is illegal in Missouri. However, store managers across the state are selling CBD products made from cannabis plants. Ally Horner said her CBD products such as candy, oils and pain creams were legal under the Farm Bill passed by Congress and signed by the President. Horner said her products did not contain the hallucinogen THC.

“There is a big difference between CBD and THC,” Horner said. “THC is the psychoactive and high effect that you feel. CBD won’t get you high. It’s non-psychoactive.”

Columbia Attorney Dan Viets said CBD products are legal under federal law, but not under Missouri state law. Viets said most of Missouri’s prosecutors and law enforcement agencies were not enforcing Missouri’s ban on the products.

“The police and the prosecutors have chosen not to undertake prosecution,” Viets said. “There have been, at least, a couple of instances during the past year in Missouri where stores were raided and people were arrested and it could happen here.”

Columbia State Representative Kip Kendrick supported the sale of CBD products in Missouri.

“There is some good, emerging research that shows that CBD oil not containing THC can be used for pain relief, epilepsy or other types of ailments,” Kendrick said.

While the legality of CBD was a very gray area and confused most people, Horner said the important thing was her products were available for people needing pain relief.

CBD products do not have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.