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There’s a push to legalize psychedelic ‘shrooms’ in Denver. Could Vegas be next? – News3LV

Colorado pushing for legalization of shrooms, touting medical benefits including treatment for anxiety

Often associated with the hippie movement of the ’60s and ’70s, “magic mushrooms,” while illegal, are still said to be popular at raves and music festivals.

In some cities, however, there’s a push to legalize the psychotropic drug for its medicinal benefits.

Denver proponents are now leading the charge, gathering signatures, hoping to decriminalize certain strains for use in treating various mental illness, including PTSD and anxiety.

“It helps you understand. You can feel things in a whole different way and a whole different level,” said former Las Vegas resident Octavian Mihai.

He knows first-hand the benefits. In 2013, the recovering cancer patient agreed to take part in an New York University study using so-called “shrooms” to help his anxiety.

“The results were amazing,” said Mihai. “It only took one dose of the psilocybin in one session to actually go from crippling anxiety to no anxiety.”

Mihai previously tried anti-depressants with no luck. Several years later, after only that single treatment with the mushrooms, he’s never looked back.

“From a biological perspective I just don’t see myself falling into a downward spiral again,” said Mihai.

In Denver, petitioners say they’re not looking for mushroom dispensaries to pop up all over town, they merely hope medicinal users can someday avoid penalty.